Flying home

My university program has decided to evacuate all students in Japan as a precaution. From here on out my shopping service will be closed. I will finish up all transactions as best I can at this point in time. I am sorry to have to leave Japan.

Suspension of Service & Updates on Japan

Sorry everyone for my late update. I have been doing a home stay with a family where I had no internet. I am perfectly safe and the area I live in was not affected by the earthquake or subsequent tsunamis, and is not expected to be affected at all by nuclear radiation in the event of a nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima plant.

At this time I am suspending my shopping service until I am sure of my situation. All transactions currently in process will still be carried out- please contact my business e-mail at dragon17lover@gmail.com and I will try and respond as fast as I can.

I want everyone to keep the people of Japan in their hearts. Please consider donating money, blankets, toilet paper, or whatever you can as these things are needed most in the Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures, where the tsunami hit hardest. Also pray for the people affected by the events at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

I will do my best to keep this journal updated.

Shopping Service-Now open for business!

I'm currently opened and ready to take new service orders. The following spots are open at this time. Once taken, spots will be closed until the entire transaction is processed.


What's going on in stores (as of 4/17):
BTSSB/AATP: Has a ton of new stock in, impossible to list them all, but highlights include Gather Chiffon, Scent of Rapunzel items, umbrellas,etc. See store blog here: http://yaplog.jp/baby-kanazawa/
Angelic Pretty: Sale on Candy Treat (white), Merry Making Party OP (pink and white), Merry Making Party JSK (pink with the frill on top of the bodice), new Sailor series items, etc. See store blog for more: http://yaplog.jp/ap-kanazawa/
Black Peace Now: No sales as of this time
Kera Shop: No sales as of this time. A lot of new Spring collection items in from IW and Chocochip Cookie.

Note: If it's not in the shop, I can still order via their webshop or request transfers from sister stores.

Shopping Service Order Form

Something to make this easier!^^

Just fill out this form and e-mail it to my business e-mail at Dragonlover17@gmail.com. Follow my journal to see when slots open and close. Make sure to read the terms and conditions here before placing an order: http://yasashinayume.livejournal.com/611.html

Your LJ name:
Your Paypal address:
Country you live in: (helps with estimating shipping)
Your Real First Name: (this is to verify that the paypal address given is actually yours)
Service you are using: In-store, web, or both (indicate which in "Other")

Item 1:
Size (if applicable):
Pictures (stock or your own):
Other: This is where you should note your backups or put other relevant notes such as "If there is no dress the skirt version is fine" or "If you can't find the striped socks at AP striped socks from Baby are okay"

Item 2:

Item 3:

and so on.

Here's an example:

Collapse )

Shopping Service Terms & Conditions

As I've mentioned in an earlier post to egl, I'm going to start my own shopping service. It's going to be small (it's only me) but I'm going to dedicate myself to the best and fastest service possible.

Shopping Service:
Please read everything so that you fully understand my terms of service. I have taken a lot of time writing this and trying to be as clear and organized as possible so you know exactly what you are getting with my service.

What kind of shopping service are you?
My shopping service is a 1-person only shopping service for lolitas. I will provide in-store shopping service and online web-order service. I will not provide shopping services for auction websites (like mBok or y!Japan). Note that while I will offer in-store shopping service for any and all customers, web shopping services will be provided strictly on a case by case basis based on your feedback rating. I have the reserve the right to refuse service to you if I feel I cannot fulfill your request, you have no or negative feedback rating, or anything else.

My egl feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/1051770.html

In store service will be provided for the following brands:
Angelic Pretty
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright/Alice and the Pirates
Black Peace Now
Kera Shop (Carries Innocent World, Marble and Chocochip Cookie)

Web shopping service will be provided for any of the major lolita brands. Be aware that you will be responsible for all domestic shipping fees, cash on delivery fees, and any other fees incurred by purchasing your item from the website versus in store.

Order limits:
In general, I will only be able to handle 2 orders at a time. At my discretion, I may take more or less orders depending on the number of pending transactions.

As you, the customer, would expect great communication from me, I expect speedy and good communication from you. I would prefer to have responses within 24-48 hours. If you cannot do this, you must let me know in advance. I don’t have the time or patience to deal with slow responders or people who drop off the face of the planet for three days. I will generally respond within 24 hours to your e-mail. Please send all inquiries to my business e-mail at: Dragonlover17@gmail.com Important notice: It has recently come to my attention that my spam filter is blocking e-mails from certain foreign country e-mail addresses. If you e-mail me and I don't respond within 24 hours, please drop me a note so I can search my spam folder for it. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Cost breakdown (for your own estimate):
Note: Payment is only accepted in USD.
1. Commission fee:
• For orders less than $100, the fee is $10
• For orders above $100, the fee is 7.5% of total item cost
2. Shipping
• EMS & Airmail (check http://www.post.japanpost.jp/english/index.html to estimate the cost of shipping from here to you)
• If I need to buy a special box for your item due to size (knee high boots), shape (parasol), or bulk (coats), be aware this will be included in the cost of your shipping
3. Bus fare
• This is 700 yen per trip. Please be sure of what you want before you send me to get your items!
• You will not be charged a bus fare fee for web shopping services
4. Paypal fees
• I will use this site http://www.rolbe.com/paypal.htm to calculate fees
• The fee rate is 3.9% + 0.30 USD

EMS- the only option that provides tracking and insurance. Generally arrives within 1 week.
Airmail- up to 5 kg. Generally arrives in 2-3 weeks.
I will ship items within a week of purchasing them.
I am not responsible for any delay in shipping due to weather/customs nor am I responsible for lost/damaged packages that are shipped without insurance/tracking.

At this time, I will only accept Paypal. You may choose to send payment as a gift to avoid Paypal fees if you wish, but do so at your own risk. Any payment, deposit or otherwise, sent via Paypal gift is non-refundable. No exceptions.

Deposit fee:
A 35% deposit fee of total item price is required upfront for in-store service. When you give me the deposit, I will set a date for when I will go and purchase your items. This deposit fee is non-refundable unless I cannot purchase your item (i.e. sold out). By default, if the store does not carry your item but can get it transferred from another shop, I will request to do so. This counts as “purchasing” your item because I am committed to buying it once I place the transfer order. However, note that the 700 yen bus fare is not refundable even if I cannot purchase your item.

A 50% deposit fee is required upfront for web-purchasing. This fee is non-refundable unless the item you wanted is out of stock on the web site.

IMPORTANT: Once items have been purchased, I expect the remainder of the total to be paid within 3 days. If you do not pay or send a very good reason why you cannot pay within the 3 day period, I have the right to keep or resell your item to another customer. If you cannot agree with this, please use another shopping service.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to inquire. However, please do not send me any e-mails asking if such and such is in stock, how much is shipping, etc. I will do my best to keep a list of what I’ve seen in store updated on my Livejournal, but I am not going to look if something is in stock unless you are committed to buying your items. Be committed to buying your items when you contact me, have back up options, and keep up good communication, and I’ll guarantee you will have a wonderful shopping experience with me.