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Shopping Service Order Form

Something to make this easier!^^

Just fill out this form and e-mail it to my business e-mail at Dragonlover17@gmail.com. Follow my journal to see when slots open and close. Make sure to read the terms and conditions here before placing an order: http://yasashinayume.livejournal.com/611.html

Your LJ name:
Your Paypal address:
Country you live in: (helps with estimating shipping)
Your Real First Name: (this is to verify that the paypal address given is actually yours)
Service you are using: In-store, web, or both (indicate which in "Other")

Item 1:
Size (if applicable):
Pictures (stock or your own):
Other: This is where you should note your backups or put other relevant notes such as "If there is no dress the skirt version is fine" or "If you can't find the striped socks at AP striped socks from Baby are okay"

Item 2:

Item 3:

and so on.

Here's an example:

Your LJ name: yasashinayume
Your Paypal address: xxxxx@paypal.com
Your Real Name: Tiffany
Service: Online and in-store

Item 1:
Brand: Alice and the Pirates
Item: Masquerade Theatre JSK
Size (if applicable): -
Color: Red
Quantity: 1
Price: 26,040 yen
Pictures (stock or your own):

Other: Online. Navy JSK is okay if there is no red.

Item 2:
Brand: Angelic Pretty
Item: Blouse
Size (if applicable): -
Color: Pink
Quantity: 1
Price: 15540
Pictures (stock or your own): http://www.jp-stores.com/rc/we70613/?act=c2&c=119&icode=1915
Other: In-store. If you can't find it, any brand with a fully or partially shirred blouse in pink is fine as long as it has detachable sleeves.

Size: Most brands are one-size only. Be aware of item measurements and your measurements before you place an order with me, because I will not check item measurements to make sure they fit you.
Price: If you are not sure of the price of an item, put up to what you are willing to pay there (in yen). Your deposit will be calculated from that. If you leave this blank, I will notify you of the error but your order will be passed over for the next person who has filled out the order form correctly.
Pictures: These are important! I will reject your order if you do not provide pictures to the exact item you want or items of similar design to what you are looking for.