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30-day Lolita Challenge: Day 7

Hope everyone had an amazing International Lolita Day! I know I did with the wonderful lolitas from the Boston community.

Without further ado, I present you the next day in the lolita challenge.
Day 7
Day 7: 10 people who inspire your lolita style
1. Meiki- One of the nicest online lolitas I've seen. I used to be pretty active on cosplay.com, where she posts frequently, and from there I began following her blog before following EGL. Her kindness, creativity, and unabashed love of all things nerdy inspires me to stay true to my own love of anime and comics while still be a rufflebutt.
Violet Lebeaux
2. Violet LeBeaux- I discovered her blog through Meiki's blog and have been hooked ever since. I love her DIY tutorials, and she proves that you can make anything cute with just a few bits of fabric, lace, sparkles, and a good sense of humor. Violet inspires me to think outside of the box for upcycling clothing and other odds and ends into cute fashion.
3. Iiriliina- She does the most beautiful EGA and EGL coordinates I have ever seen, and the fact that she handmakes a majority of her clothes is truly inspirational. She proves that no matter how tall your are for brand, you can still look breath-taking. As a tall lolita myself, I am inspired to keep up my sewing and follow my passion for lolita fashion.
4. Baroquepetrock- I am a huge admirer of her sewing creations and I love how well she coordinates: simple, but classy. I look to her for inspiration that one day, I will have the sewing talent to create my own beautiful classic one-piece dresses.
5. Vanillablitz- This is my makeup inspiration. She effortlessly jumps between all the different styles and coordinates them with ease, and then ups her game by consistently doing perfect makeup. I only wish I had half her talent at makeup!
6. Cadney chan- With my incessant love of classic and gothic, it might be surprising that I admire this OTT sweet lolita. Cadney chan is what I like to say OTT sweet done right: lots of popping colors, hair accessories, but with perfect balance of colors throughout her outfit and a refusal to conform to the idea that glasses=/= lolita. As a glasses wearing lolita myself, I am always ecstatic to see her incorporate deco glasses into all her coordinates.
Prince Poppycock
7. Prince Poppycock- He is my inspiration for courage and belief in myself. I supported him all the way through to the America's Got Talent finals because he embraced who he was inside and let his talent shine. He has a tremendous fashion sense, a quirky, pleasant personality, and a magnificent voice- all things the world would not have enjoyed had he hid himself behind the veil of normalcy. Thinking about Prince Poppycock's courage and self-acceptance gives me courage to wear lolita when I feel pressured not to.
8. Chokelate- She is a stunningly beautiful lolita whose style wavers on the line between gothic and classic, the two styles I admire most. I am inspired by her to keep dressing in my preferred style: dark classic.
9. Georgina- She is another person who inspires me with her courage. This girl has a great fashion sense for dressing for her body type and does fantastic nail art, yet is constantly belittled for her size. The fact that this girl stands up and continues to follow her dream of wearing beautiful clothes inspires me to ignore the hate that can often come from within the lolita community itself.
10. Yourpervert- I admire her coordination skills and especially her classic outfits. She also proves that facial piercings can fit into the lolita aesthetic. Take that, lolita rulebook!

As always, thank you for reading!
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