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30-day Lolita Challenge: Day 6


Day 6: Ten things you can't live without in lolita
1. Friends- As awesome as lolita is, if I didn't have any friends in it I wouldn't be following it. The great thing about being passionate about a hobby is having someone to share it with.
2. Petticoats I am a believer in the petticoats and fluff. I need these under my outfit or I feel like I'm not doing it right.
3. Headpieces- Again, if I don't have something on my head, I feel incomplete!
4. Meetups- I feel a bit too OTT wearing lolita normally, so a meetup is a perfect excuse to go all out. Plus, I get to see people I normally don't get to visit on a regular basis, which is a big plus!
5. Masquerade Letters Jewelry Set- These are my go to pieces to match almost everything I wear. I don't know what I'd do without them.
6. EGL- This LJ comm and its sister sites are my biggest source of information, inspiration, and motivation to follow lolita fashion. I visit at least once a day...okay, more like 5 times a day.
7. GLBs- These magazines are a source of inspiration and a secret fountain of patterns for the DIY lolita in me.
8. My sewing machine- I am an avid seamstress. My sewing machine is one of my best friends. Together, we create the frills.
9. The Boston/RI lolita community- These people are too cool for words. I had some doubts about the lolita scene when I moved back to the US from Japan (I started lolita while abroad) but these guys proved to be the most awesome, drama-free, fun-filled group I could have asked for.
10. Alice and the Pirates- Most of my wardrobe is AATP. I don't know where I'd be without them...seriously, if I actually measured more like AATP's ideal 86 cm bust 72 cm waist, my life goal would be collecting every print ever made by them. Luckily for me and my bank account, I'm not.

Thank you for reading!
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