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30-day Lolita Challenge: Day 5

Sorry for the giant absence. Midterms/other stuff took priority.

Day 5: Ten items from your wishlist.

Again this is in no particular order!

1. Alice and the Pirates Griotine Blouse (black, men's size)- I had this blouse in ladie's size before but it was just too small. I love this style and would love, love, love to own it again.

2. Baby the Stars Shine Bright Cross Strap Belt Boots (Navy, LL)- A touch of pirate, cute, and class. I am eagerly awaiting the replica pre-order for this, because they are impossible to find on auction!

3. Alice and the Pirates Black Cat, Witch, and Apple JSK I (red or blue)- I admit I half regret not reserving this when it came out. The yen was incredibly strong, and I would've ended up paying more for it than my Masquerade Theater OP! I am currently searching for it secondhand, and hopefully the price will have gone down a bit.

4. Frilled Parasol (black, white, or ivory)- For those sunny days! I regret not getting a parasol while I was in Japan.

5. Angelic Pretty Star Night Theater Print Tote (black x gold)- I have a lot of black and gold items in my wardrobe now, and I just love this print, so I'd be ecstatic to find one!

6. Over the Knee Socks (white x blue)- I am distinctly missing socks on the white end of the spectrum, so I'd love some to match all my classic navy blue dresses. I'm looking at Queen's Coach OTKs, Clockwork Tea Party OTKs and Vampire Rose OTKs, all in the white x blue colorway.

7. Sleeping Beauty Headbow & Tote (black)- I love this print to death and want to complete the set! I couldn't find a stock picture of the tote, but it is a standard one with two ribbon bows at the handles.

8. Classic Style Purse (black or ivory)- Just something cute and sturdy to match all my coordinates.

9. Innocent Velvet Crown Jewelry (antique gold)- I saw one of my local lolitas wearing this necklace and I was hooked! It's gorgeous and totally suits my taste. I'd also like to buy the matching crown bag.

10. AATP Men's Swallowtail Waistcoat (black)- I stupidly sold this when I left Japan, and I've regretted it completely. I tried to buy it back from the person I sold it to when they put it up for sale, but they jacked up the price on me :( I hope one day to find it again, or perhaps buy a similarly styled one.

That's all for now; thanks for reading!
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