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Starting the 30-day Lolita Challenge

I simply love reading posts different lolitas make for the 30-day challenge, and now I've finally decided I want to do one myself. I don't think I will do it thirty days in a row- some days are too busy for that- but I will try and keep it going all the way up to post 30!

So here we go!

Day 1

Day 1: 10 things about your lolita bubble.

1. My lolita style is all about gorgeous prints, classic cuts, and hints of gothic. I am a huge fan of Alice and the Pirates' prints, and I can't help swooning over Innocent World's simple yet elegant cuts, and it shows in my wardrobe. I'd say 75% of my brand is AATP/BTSSB and the rest IW or Meta.
2. I started off the fashion hating sweet since it seemed so costumey, but Angelic Pretty has grown on me so much that I just ordered a replica of the Starry Night Theater Print. I also secretly long for Chess Chocolate and Milky Berry prints too!
3. I don't oppose replicas just because replicas are about the only chance I'd ever have at wearing Angelic Pretty prints I love. The dresses are simply wayyy too short on me- trust me, I've been to the store, and I know I'd always be one sneeze away from flashing everyone.
4. I am a JSK addict; my wishlist is almost entirely JSKs. I just find JSKs extremely versatile, and their cuts just seem to be more flattering in general. There's only so many ways you can gather a skirt, but there are so many different ways to style a bodice!
5. I love the quality and design of lolita. I love the construction of IW's stuff, I oogle the lace used on my AATP stuff, and I love feeling the different fabrics that go into a finished piece. Being an avid seamstress myself, I really get a chance to appreciate fine craftsmenship up close, and it inspires me every time to design my own pieces. I hope to sew some of them one day!
6. I am also a huge sock addict. When I went to Japan, I bought more than 10 pairs of knee-high or over-the-knee socks, both lolita and non-lolita. Angelic Pretty makes the best variety of prints, hands down, but I love going to AATP for socks since they come in darker, more subdued colors which better fit my style.
7. I spend a lot of time looking at secondhand stores and auctions, because I love finding a good bargain. They give me a chance to buy brand accessories at a more reasonable price than directly from the store. I'm currently keeping my eyes out for bags, umbrellas, and boleros. I really wish I bought an umbrella while I was in Japan, but I already had one to carry home as a present and just couldn't make room for another!
8. I am a fan of offbrand companies like Dear Celine and yes, even Bodyline. Dear Celine has excellent quality that rivals brand in my opinion, and Bodyline is my go-to place for shoes and skirts.
9. I love geeking out with my bff oomusicbabii over everything! We share a ton of interests and hang out a bunch, in and out of lolita. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't enjoy lolita (or my life) nearly half as much as I do now. <3 you!
10. I started lolita while I was studying in Japan this past year, and met many wonderful lolitas at BTSSB/AATP tea parties. Now that I am back in my native country I am really looking forward to becoming involved with and making new friends in my local lolita community.

Thank you for reading! 
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