yasashinayume (yasashinayume) wrote,

A reflection on my lolita collection

Today, I reached a point where I can say my collection is complete. Why? Because I finally bought my dream dress. Actually, two of them, because I bought my second favorite colorway, and only hours later found the colorway I really wanted. I think I'm going to love both equally though.

Now looking over what I have, I realized I bought a ton of lolita clothes over the past few months, many wonderful dresses, but also many things I didn't need. Looking over them, I think I bought them on a whim to fill the anxiety and stress over not finding my dream piece. So many times I scoured the web searching, and ended up buying extra things that caught my eye but I did not need or really want. It's wasteful, and I feel ashamed.

So now I'm hoping to sell off part of my wardrobe and only keep the pieces I really want. I am going to stop window shopping the sales comm, because I'm ultimately too tempted to buy things I don't need.

If you are curious as to what my collection looks like, here is a wardrobe post from a couple months ago. It has already changed a lot since then, with some items being sold and quite a few more being bought.

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