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Shopping Service-Open for business! (Notice of Absence)

Notice: The weekend of July 16-18th service will be suspended due to travel. All service will end July 30th as I prepare to move back home.

A new journal to let everyone know I've reopened my shopping service based in Kanazawa. The fee is 7.5% and I do both in-store and web orders. You can read the terms here: http://yasashinayume.livejournal.com/611.html and fill out the order form here: http://yasashinayume.livejournal.com/864.html
I have 100% feedback and am dedicated to fast responses and shipping times. I look forward to hearing from you!^^

The following spots are open at this time. Once taken, spots will be closed until the entire transaction is processed.


What's going on in stores (as of 6/28):
BTSSB/AATP: Lots of new summer items in stock and price cuts on cutsews! Night Fairy Fantasia now on sale in store. See store blog here: http://yaplog.jp/baby-kanazawa/
Angelic Pretty: 30-50% off sale select items. See store blog for more: http://yaplog.jp/ap-kanazawa/
Black Peace Now: No sales as of this time
Kera Shop: No sales as of this time. IW's newest releases now in store.

Note: If it's not in the shop, I can still order via their webshop or request transfers from sister stores.
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